IKON Structures creates a unique and powerful way to brand your team, facility, school, or business. Picture your colorful mascot or logo as a larger than life structure inside or outside your main athletic facility or at the entrance to your corporate or collegiate campus. Our permanent statues can withstand severe weather and serve as an exciting way to communicate who you are.

Create a sense of place.
At original Yankee Stadium, fans would meet at “The Bat” outside the stadium behind home plate. At AT&T Park, they meet at the statue of Willie Mays. Have your fans meet at “The Leopard”. Create a “Panther Plaza” with an eight foot mascot statue and a surrounding area for pep rallies and outdoor events. At the United States Military Academy, the Army cadets walk down “Black Knight Alley” and then touch the General MacArthur plaque upon entering Michie Stadium. Improve your alumni and fan support and recruiting by creating your own traditions.

Trust IKON Structures to help build your brand in a fun and exciting way.